Based in Copenhagen, Værnis Studio works from concept to production to reality, combining strategic and creative expertise to help brands identify and express their strengths in the mother-tongue of the creative class. Our work is guided by two interrelated philosophies: We firmly believe good design has the power to enrich society, and that thoughtfully-built brands have the power to connect and move us. In practice this means we take a value-driven approach to our projects, aiming for quality over quantity, authenticity and a meaningful exchange with end-consumers. Our mission is to produce exceptional work that cements our client’s presence and influence in the cultural zeitgeist.

Værnis’ team have decades of experience in brand strategy, communications, design, fashion, publishing and entrepreneurship, and we draw upon a global network of highly sought-after creative talent. Together, our team have worked around the world and developed celebrated brands including Kinfolk, Norse Projects, &Tradition, Menu, The Audo, 3daysofdesign, New Works and St. Leo. Our agile team thrives on close collaboration, adapts and scales to meet project needs and welcomes all manner of enquiries.